August 28, 2021 - Fort Myers, Fl

Hero Fight League is Back - August 28, 2021


Tournament will be held at the:

Fort Myers Skatium 

2250 Broadway Fort Myers, Fl 33091

All participants will receive a one-of-a-kind handcrafted medal by Wicked Skins. The winning school will receive the HFL Tournament Champion Award. 

Registration for 2021 Hero Fight League is now open. This year we will be holding just one tournament but with everything the HFL has to offer including unlimited matches, electronic scoring, HFL point system, and the HFL T-shirt!

Hero Fight League is a  Taekwondo tournament for athletes of all ages to compete and gain valuable competition experience with unlimited fights and electronic scoring. At the HFL tournament athletes will spar against their competitors in their division and gain points for their respective Taekwondo schools.  Points will be tallied throughout the day and the school with the highest number of points will be awarded the coveted HFL Tournament Champion Award. 

At Hero Fight League we use a three-level athlete experience format for ranking. Athletes are separated into only 3 ranks by age group; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Beginner level does not allow head contact of any kind. This is most appropriate for athletes with little to no tournament experience and lower belt ranks. 

Intermediate level allows for light head contact as determined by Jr. safety rules. This level is most appropriate for athletes who are building tournament experience and/or higher belt color ranks with limited competition experience.

Advanced level allows for full contact at the cadet, junior, and senior-level and is best for black belt athletes and for those higher-level color belts looking to challenge themselves at the highest level of competition. 

*If you are unsure about the appropriate division for your athlete consult with your athlete's coach or instructor for further guidance*

Registration is $75 per athlete through August 18, 2021, and includes a free HFL T-Shirt. Registrations after August 18th will not include an HFL T-shirt. 

Registration at the door is $90 per athlete and does not include an HFL T-shirt. 


Daedo electronic scoring will be used for all athletes all ages and all ranks.

Extra matches for all athletes to gain experience including 3rd place fight offs and additional exhibition match opportunities.